Ceramic file L33


It replaces the normal cardboard files or glass with other yields and durability. The advantage is determined by the 3 different grits 360, 240 and 180 enclosed in the same product throughout the file length. The triple profile based on a high performance of ceramics also used in the medical field thanks to an innovative technologically advanced anti-wear material, also used for joint prostheses. The sintering of TripleProFiles occurs at extremely high temperatures. This special material gives a long lasting and longer breaking resistance. Big grit is used for quick and immediate reduction of nail length;  medium grit allows a quick and delicate shape shaping round the nail tips naturally. The integrated groove acts as a guide to give a quick and perfect shape.
In this way, you get a professional result as soon as possible.

Some details:
Weight 17 gr.
Length 149 mm.
Height 15 mm.


– Does not contain plastic parts
– Ceramic minerals, also used in the medical field, are high performance
– the length is greater than the normal ceramic or glass lime
– longer than any other files
– they are hygienic (they can be washed and resisted at high temperatures)
– they are sterilizable

– more resistant than any ceramic or glass file
– the different grains treat the nails more delicately
– three different branches: 360 – 240 – 180
– manageable in any way you can
– suitable for left-handed ones
– thin edges to work best under the nails and at the ends

– long lasting
– the part is easy to model and easily structure the nails
– a file for three different applications; for quicker rolling and giving a precise roundness to the nails.


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Ceramic file with three different grits 80/100/180.

Ideal for natural and synthetic nails.

The photo represents the ceramic file seen from three sides depending on the different grain, but it is a single piece.