Electric Jaguar scissors TCC THE CARECUT 84700


The service offered by the hairdresser to have strong hair from root to tip.
TCC device with 6 inch scissor and power and temperature control unit. In practice briefcase.
To differentiate and give more service than others and get more profit.


This special scissors has the prerogative of heating the blades thanks to the micro-cip inside the structure that allows to cauterize the hair during the cut.

As a result of the cauterization of the tips, the keratin is gently heated and is evenly deposited on the cutting surface. The hair is protected for a long time against dryness, environmental influences and split ends and assumes a healthy and homogeneously strong appearance up to the ends.

The advantages for the salon:


-increase in profits -customer loyalty

– can be used immediately without training

-for all cutting techniques and all hairstyles