Focus Dynamic R50 razor

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Razor with moving head to adjust the shaving to the facial features.

Totally in stainless steel

100% Made in Italy

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Made entirely in stainless steel, with high precision machines by material removal. 100% Made in Italy. Built with high quality stainless steel. All the parts of the razor and the hook are worked and treated to obtain the maximum precision; this is for the thicknesses as well as for the various cutting angles, made almost perfectly.

The stainless steel pins are also made on an express project and are mounted on the razor head by means of a special key that allows an ideal calibration, obtaining during the tightening, the locking of the blade between the two parts of the razor head.

Without the blade the head is mobile; but once inserted, it creates a correct thickness which guarantees perfect tightening of the head and the blade itself. For a correct fixing, it is advisable to use universal razor blades broken in half; this creates a slight curvature of the ends in the break area, which, once resting on the base of the razor head, creates a very slight pressure during insertion of the moving head, a spring effect desired and indispensable for precise tightening and correct positioning of the blade.

The handle is made from a round full of stainless steel by high precision machinery, it is worked to obtain recesses that make the razor’s handle comfortable.

The fixing of the razor head to the handle is guaranteed by a stainless steel pin which, with the aid of a tensioning spring, allows the razor head to be kept in the 25 ° position and during shaving it adapts to the shape of the face with one gentle and precise sliding.

Razor weight Dynamic R50 gr. 94

As an option we propose the aluminum base for storing the razor after use and at the same time helps and facilitates the insertion and assembly of the blade.

It is strongly recommended and for a correct maintenance of the product, to wash the razor well after use, removing soap residues and dry carefully.

Available only in natural steel color.