Full aluminum razor obtained from a whole block. 100% Made in Italy.

Razor size cm. 9.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 Weight 40 gr.

Head size cm. 4.5 x 2.5 Weight 10 gr.

Handle size cm. 9 diameter 13 mm. Weight 30 gr.



Focus TRITOK SLANT R53-7 safety razor 
Tritok is a remarkable razor for its ability to safely approach the cutting angle to the skin without ever causing damage and irritation.
Totally in anodized aluminum, with an innovative and new concept design. 100% Made in Italy. Born from sector’s industry engineering and the previous and positive experiences of the Focus SLIM R28 and the Focus DYNAMIC R48 that characterized its development.
All the pieces of the TRITOK, even the threaded part, are obtained from a single block of aluminum worked by removal with cutting-edge machinery technology.
To satisfy the user at a wide range, we decided to obtain three versions from a single model:
-Focus TRITOK SLANT R53 – 7 with slant or twist head for an even more aggressive use while maintaining the delicacy on the skin.
The razor has traditional universal shaving razor blades and can be used on both sides.
Tritok is well balanced and light and its discharge slot under the blade guarantees quick cleaning and prevents the accumulation of soap even after the use of particularly dense soap.
The simple and clean design of the handle with multiple gripping points always guarantees an optimal, safe and versatile handle.
With Tritok we believe we have created an excellent product suitable for a particularly large and demanding public.
Available colour: FULLY SILVER
The material used for the realization of Focus Tritok razor is Aluminium type 6082 anticorodal.
It has the characteristic of being resistant and lends itself to anodizing in many colors.